Please click here to find your local branch and visit us today. Alternatively, please call us on 0208 443 1616.

We can complete your registration remotely by sending you an application pack which can be filled online. You can alternatively visit one of our branches. Please call us now on 0208 443 1616 and speak to our team today. We support every aspect of the application from start to finish and you will have a dedicated consultant with you along the way.

At IntSol Recruitment we understand the value of a work/life balance. We offer a degree of flexibility that is not often found in non-agency work, which means that we can accommodate your needs.

You can view all our available roles here and simply follow our application process.
Please feel free to call us 0208 443 1616 and speak to our trained consultants who can assist with your search and find the most suitable role for you.

We have many contracts that offer overtime as long you remain within the legal working time directive for the specific role, just let us know what you need.

We cover the UK nationally and are sure to have a role near you. Use our map job board to pinpoint your next new role.

Additionally, we can help you Relocate! We have contracts with relocation packages that can offer you accommodation with your new role. Please click the link here to view all the relocation roles currently hiring or speak to one of our Team today on 0208 443 1616.

Firstly you will have to register with us. Pending all your documents are up to date and you meet the requirements of the job role, we can usually book you for an assessment or start date on an assignment within the same week you register.

Several of our contracts include fixed working hours per week. For example, this could be a minimum of 50 paid hours in a working week, even if you work less hours. The details of the contract will be provided prior to you getting started. Check our job boards or  please speak to one of our consultants on 0208 443 1616.  

Yes. Let us know what you need, and we will find the right job role for you. We have various roles available which offer great flexibility. We offer a range of roles including full-time, part-time work and AD HOC work. Please see our flexible jobs currently available here or call speak to one of our consultants today on 0208 443 1616
Agency PAYE – Integrated Solutions will pay you directly. With this option you will accrue holiday and will be paid this when you take annual leave.
Umbrella PAYE – you are still paid using a PAYE scheme and pay all the same necessary taxes as you would on Agency PAYE. The uplifted assignment rate offered for Umbrella includes pay rate, holiday pay and all cost of wages required to pay an employee. You will also have the option to be paid rolled up holiday pay with the umbrella company.

The main employment difference is an umbrella company will be your only employer whether you’re on a contract or not. That continuity of employment will help when applying for a mortgage or credit. Whereas, with Agency PAYE, each new contract is a different run of employment.
Many of our contracts are ongoing temp contracts. This means you could be on an assignment for an indefinite period with no end date. If there is an end date to the contract you have applied for, this will be specified by one of our consultants and will be clear within our advertising. If a contract does come to an end, we can easily and quickly place you into another suitable assignment local to you.
We have many contracts that offer travel allowance to compensate for the oyster card. We also have contracts that offer relocation and housing subsidiaries of up to £200 per week.
Yes, you will be automatically enrolled into pension after the third month of employment. We use NEST pension, and you can opt out of this at any time.
You will be paid weekly, every Friday.