Care Work

Care Work

IntSol Recruitment supplies qualifies medical and care professionals for permanent and temporary positions in the NHS and private healthcare sectors nationwide. 

We believe that people are our business. Having a quality and agile workforce has been the driver of our success. No matter how challenging your recruitment problem is, we will find a solution that delivers the service and ensures your customer is happy on their life journey.   

Our Specialties

Care Assistant

Care Worker

Dementia Care Assistant

Domiciliary Care Assistant

Brain Injury Support Worker

Community Carer

Live in Carer

Live-In Care Assistant

Loneliness Companion

Home Care Assistant

Agency care worker

Engaging in agency care work can be incredibly beneficial if you seek a rewarding position with the flexibility to choose your working hours. With agency work, there's no specific contract assigned; you might be on a zero-hours contract or, in certain cases, be regarded as a temporary employee. However, at IntSol Recruitment, we are committed to working with you to identify the perfect balance for your requirements. Our friendly team is eager to have a discussion with you about your employment options, ensuring you receive the necessary support to strike the right work and life balance to accommodate around your existing commitments.

Working hours and flexibility

Agency care work can be full-time, part-time, evenings and weekends. This means we can always find a working pattern that can suit your lifestyle and preferences. For instance, you may usually only be available for morning work on a Monday to Wednesday, but occasionally want to pick up some extra shifts in the evening, weekends, or during days off. The agency model proves beneficial in such situations as we collaborate with you for shift and job allocations. This working approach allows you to increase working hours when commitments allow and decrease them when required.

What qualifications does a care worker need?

Formal qualifications are not mandatory for applications, however, at IntSol Recruitment we can assist you to develop your skillset. This development opens further opportunities and advances your career within the industry. For a care worker role, we seek individuals with a genuine desire to help those in need to live as well as possible in their own homes. Qualities such as compassion, kindness, patience, and strong communication skills are essential.

Applying for a care worker role?

Applying with IntSol Recruitment is a straightforward process. Share your details through our contact form below, and one of our experienced recruitment consultants will reach out to you. We will explore your various options and assess your suitability for different job roles. Following this, you'll need to complete a short application form, either online or at one of our local branches and complete the final compliance checks.

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