Recruitment Solutions


Here at Integrated Solutions we feel there is a solution for every recruitment problem. No two companies are the same so they shouldn’t have the same recruitment strategy. We design our recruitment solutions to best meet our client vision, goals and operational requirements.

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Understanding Your Business

  • •  Understanding the most challenging locations
  • •  Understand your requirements and on-boarding process
  • •  Is operational support required such as training and onsite management

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Bespoke Solution

  • •  Agree a way of working going forward
  • •  Establish points of contacts with Key Stakeholders 
  • •  Site visit and process standardisation
  • •  Create a bespoke solution to your company requirements

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  • •  Identify and screen candidates to clients specification
  • •  Book assessment and induction day
  • •  Periodic reporting to track progress
  • •  Regular meetings with Key Stakeholders to ensure alignment

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Get in touch today !

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