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Relocation Model

We understand that each location has its own unique demographic, therefore, not all our clients’ sites will be in desirable locations, with high populations of available workers. With this in mind, IntSol Recruitment have developed the “Relocation Model”.

This is when workers will relocate for a specific job role to overcome a worker shortage within a specific region. This can be on a temporary basis or to help solve a longer-term challenge. This option allows scalability and enables operators to achieve establishment in a very short time frame, ensuring no lost mileage and delivery of best-in-class service to your customers. Generally, workers looking for this type of work are full-time workers looking to maximize their working hours. This option can be great for new tender awards where high volumes of recruitment are required, that can eventually be back filled with permanent staff in a phased approach.

To make this a successful model, IntSol Recruitment will support our workers with housing and relocation throughout the journey. We will work with our vast network of landlords across the UK, as well as housing staff in accommodation owned by our parent company The IntSol Group. For all housing options we provide quality assurance through our dedicated relocation team, to ensure worker housing meets our set standard and living environment.

Management of the properties and worker movements is done centrally through our relocation team, allowing your operational team to focus on the delivery of service to the end customer. We market relocation roles through several channels, including internal marketing campaigns to our large pool of relocation workers, traditional online advertising to appeal to the wider audience and other unique marketing techniques that target specific candidate demographics.

We have successfully implemented this model across several regions in the UK, with some locations utilising up to 160 relocation staff to support their operations.