Driving reforms from the Department for Transport

The Department for Transport has announced that it is making driver training rules cheaper, shorter and more effective to attract and retain new HGV, coach and bus drivers, in order to mediate the shortage that the industry is currently experiencing.

Gov.UK recently published information about changing the CPC renewal process, making it more flexible, affordable and efficient for drivers to renew qualifications and return to the industry.

‘Roads Minister Richard Holden said: “Lorry, bus and coach drivers are some of our economy’s unsung heroes, keeping our goods flowing and ensuring people can hop on the bus to access shops, schools, hospitals and all the essential services they need. That’s why we must look at how we can support the continued growth of this industry.”’

This comes after the government’s decision to introduce 33 measures aiming to support the haulage sector. The changes to training rules and reforms will also include making 11,000 HGV driver training places available through boot camps. Drivers are taking and passing tests in record numbers as a result.

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