HGV Driver bootcamps to tackle shortages

There have been reports on new HGV ‘bootcamps’ designed to create a larger pool of delivery driver professionals, tackling the current shortage. “The scheme comes under the government’s Skills Bootcamps programme, designed to support employment in key areas of the economy.” A lack of lorry drivers has had substantial impacts, meaning that supermarket shelves are unable to restock, and even causing shortages panics. “At its height in the summer, the haulage industry estimated it was 100,000 people short.” As a result of COVID and Brexit, the industry faced some difficulties due to legislational and logistical issues. Incentives such as bonuses, improving the quality of facilities and an increased pay are also being used to attract workers into the industry.

If you are interested in joining the driving industry, or have already attended a bootcamp for training and are looking for an opportunity to get involved, give us a ring on 0208 443 1616 and our consultants will find you a role that suits you.

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